Machine Rental

At Margarita Depot we rent the finest machines and keep them maintained in top condition. With your rental you will receive the following

  • One Margarita Depot Margarita Machine
  • Your first batch of mix that will make 80-100 eight ounce drinks (additional batches available at $20 each
  • Custom made Margarita Machine stand with your choice of colored skirting
  • 50 cups and Margarita salt

Because you're renting a commercial grade stainless steel machine there is NO HASSLE of making margaritas yourself. You don't need a bartender, no ice, no CO2, no noisy blenders and no mess. Just sit back and enjoy.

Delivery is fast and quick because we roll the machine and stand in as one unit. Each machine is bolted to the top of the stand, and there is no risk of it falling over like there is was some of the other companies

You can choose from most colors for skirting around the stand to help brighten up your event (black is standard).